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Our Profile

 Wintex has been on the international arena of sporting goods since 1988, competing successfully with the best in the world and has been able to attain the position of a top ranking manufacturer of inflatable balls, with a product range that includes- RUGBY BALLS, SOCCER BALLS, NET BALLS, VOLLEY BALLS, BEACH VOLLEY BALLS, AUSSIE RULES FOOTBALLS, TOUCH BALLS,AND FUTSAL BALLS...

WINTEX EXPORTS is an ISO 9001-2000 company. The most modern and self contained factory of WINTEX spread over 4 acres of land is located at Suranussi on the main G.T. Road, on the outskirts of Jalandhar.

WINTEX is a 100 percent export oriented unit and is catering to top international copmanies worldwide with distinction. The synthetic rubberised material used in the production of most of our balls is produced exclusively in our own full fledged plant located in-house. PU Leather used for production of Soccer & Futsal balls is imported from well known manufacturers specializing in this line.

WINTEX has mastered to the degree of perfection the state-of-the -art technique and expertise of custom printing of balls with multicoloured Logos/crests of clubs, colleges and schools ... a specialization par excellence ..

The WINTEX factory is well equipped with complete infrastructure for production of all kinds of inflatable balls under stringent quality control at all levels. A to Z all production process, including stitching of balls, is performed in-house.

WINTEX provides clean eco-freindly environment and healthy working conditions to its workers. A spacious well-lit halls with specially designed chairs are provide to the ball stitching labour, which is indeed a far better option for health point of view compared to the normal practice of doing the stitching job while sitting on the ground and bending over for long hours, with continuous strain on the back neck of the stitcher.

WINTEX strictly employs no child labour for any production process and is one of the founding members of the Sports Goods Foundation of India, which is working and is committed to eradicate child labour from the sports goods industry in India. WINTEX EXPORT is an associate member of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) in Switzerland.